Telstra 360˚
smart home

We helped Telstra introduce Australia to their Smart Home ecosystem through an immersive, interactive 360˚ video experience that allowed the user to explore 3 unique (and charmingly quirky) Australian Smart Homes. Each location bubbled up a wide range of practical use cases for the product, as well as more inventive, unexpected ways to use the technology. 

Contribution: Associate Creative Director


An sample of the interactive experience:

A sample of imagery captured for the campaign:

RGB_Telstra_Day_214991 Hero Kids.jpg
2. RGB_Telstra_Day_114572 Dog 1.jpg
1. RGB_Telstra_Day_114457 Coffee.jpg
RGB_Telstra_Day_215368_2 Iron.jpg
RGB_Telstra_Day_219577_1 HairS.jpg